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Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the purpose of this website?
- Who's responsible for this website?
- When will the book be published?
- If I want to sponsor your Book project, how can I do so?

What is the purpose of this website?
This website is an on-going project focusing on Himmapan creatures, mythical creatures that exist in many cultures (mainly in Thailand, India). The primary objective of the site is to educate people about this topic. The secondary objective is to build pride in Thai people's mind that we have such treasure and wealth of art exist in many forms.

Who's responsible for this website?
The site is built and maintained by Mr. Yongkiat Karnchanapayap. Artworks and illustrations are done by Mr. Yongkiat and Ms. Onuma Chintanasatit. Additionally photographs were taken by Mr. Vytot Upatising.

When will the book be published?
We are still in the process of completing the content for the book and also looking for publishing sponsorship. I will post more details once we have secured a publishing house.

If I want to sponsor your Book, how can I do so?
Please drop me a line at Yongkiatk@gmail.com to discuss possible partnership.

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